BigCatMarks is an attempt to collect as many wild cat links as possible in one list. If you find a broken link, or know of a website that you would like included please email me at [email protected]

Big Cat Websites:
Big Cats Online
Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation
Coopers Rock Mountain Lion Sanctuary
Coryi Foundation
Cougar Fund

Big Cat Websites:
Cougar Network
Cougar Rewilding Foundation
Coyotes, Wolves and Cougars........forever!
Eastern Puma Research Center
Feline Conservation Center
Florida Panther Net

Big Cat Websites:
Florida Panther Project
Florida Panther Society
Michigan Cougar Sightings
Mountain Cats Trust
Mountain Lion Foundation
Mountain Lion Info

Big Cat Websites:
Nature Mapping
Ontario Puma Foundation
Panthers and Forests in South Florida
Snow Leopard Trust
Wild Cats of North America

Bobcat Sounds:
Jungle Walk - Bobcat
Partners In Rhyme - Big Cats
Paws On Line - Feline Sounds
Pictures of Cats - Bobcat
Soundboard - Bobcat

Canada Lynx Sounds: - Canada Lynx
Jungle Walk - Canada Lynx
Partners In Rhyme - Big Cats
Paws On Line - Feline Sounds
Pictures of Cats - Canada Lynx
Soundboard - Canada Lynx
U of MN - Canada Lynx

Cougar Sounds: – Cougar
HDW Enterprises - Cougar
Jungle Walk – Cougar
Macaulay Library
Partners In Rhyme -Big Cats
Paws On Line - Feline Sounds
Pictures of Cats - Cougar
Soundboard - Cougar

Ocelot Sounds:
Jungle Walk - Ocelot
Paws On Line - Feline Sounds

Cryptomundo Articles:
1933: Puma Hunt in Oz
2006's Top Ten White & Black Squirrels' Hot Spots
A Cougar Conspiracy?
African Lion Hunt Ends
“African Lion” Reported In North Carolina
Alabama Man Attacked By Black Panther
Alien Big Cats Category
Andrews AFB’s Two Mystery Cats
Andrewsarchus Afoot?
Another Cougar Conspiracy?
Another Korean Area Treasure: Tsushima Wildcat
Arizona Tragedy: Jaguar Update
Arkansas Panther Followup
Attack Panther “Like a Woolly Mammoth”
Attempt to Photo WV “African Lion”
Aussie Panthers
Australian Big Cats: Reviewed
Australian Mystery Cat
Bayview Beast
Bear Lake Monster Revisited
“Beast of Balbirnie” Cast Update
Beast of Bladenboro
Beast of Bolivia
Beast of Bolivia Track
Behind the Illinois Bigfoot Flap
Berkshire Beast Blarney?
Bhootbilli, India’s Ghost Cat, Strikes Again
Big Black Cats in Louisiana
Big Cats in New York State
Black Cat is Kitty Cat?
Big Cats Conference Cancelled: Curses!
Black Lions Prowling
Black Mystery Cats Terrorize Oz
Black Panthers in Illinois
Black Panthers in the UK
Black Panthers Terrorizing Texas?
Black Panthers Spotted in South Carolina
Black Wildcat Of The Chilterns
Bladenboro Beast Is Back
Blue Mountains Panthers Taken Seriously
Bobcat Walks Into A Bar
Breaking: New Mystery Cat Photo
Breaking Police News: Lion Killed
Breaking: NJ Mystery Cat Report
California’s Latest Black Cougar
California Black Panther Sighting
California’s Black Panthers
Canadian Black Panthers Scaring Ontario Residents
Canada’s Black Panther Sighting + Indiana’s Photo
Cape Cougar Back?
Caracal in Nashville?
Cat People and Animal Attacks: Enemy Action?
Chicago-Area Black Panther Sighting
Chicago Cougar Video
Chicago Cougar Was Wild
Clemson Panther Alerts
Clouded Leopards: Two Species
Cougar Killed in Chicago
Cougar Killed In Louisiana
Cougar Eats, Gator Attacks, and Hyena Kills Humans
Cougar Killed That Attacked Girl
Cougar Sightings in Kentucky

Cryptomundo Articles:
Cougars in Illinois?
Cryptid Caracas Lion’s Roars Confirmed
Cryptid Cat: Maine Mystery Despite Fox Fur
Cryptid Cats, Murdering Bigfoot, and Giant Claw
Cryptid Jaguarundi Research
Cryptid Long-Tailed Wildcats
Cryptids of DownEast
Decatur’s Mystery Photo – Part II
Delaware Mystery Cat Sightings
Devil’s Lake and Black Mystery Cats Sighted
Devilish Melanistic Panthers
East Bay’s Black Panthers
Eastern Cougar Mysteries
Eastern Panther Is Extinct, Say Feds! What Are The Politics Behind Their Declaration?
Eastern Puma Researcher Dies
Eastern Puma Survey Media Analysis
Enhanced Mystery Pix
Escaped Tiger Killed in WVA
European Black Panthers Sighted
“Extinct” Cat Spotted
Fayette Feline Fears Flourish
Fayette Feline Followup
First ‘08 Media Report: Oz Mystery Cat Sighting
First Central Mexican Jaguar In 100 Years
First in Decades: South China Tiger Sighting
First Photo of a Wild Cougar in Manitoba!
Fremont Lion Found Dead At School
French Police Hunt Mystery Black Felid
Fur Associated With Mystery Cat Found
Georgia Cougar Killed
Georgia Panther Update
Georgia’s Mysterious Cow Killer
German Black Panther Photo
Greenwich Cougar “Credible”
Hillbilly Cougars
Illinois Man Hunts Black Panthers
Illinois Panthers
Illinois' Recent Puma Kills
Increase in Mystery Cat Encounters?
Indiana Mystery Cat Sightings
Iriomote Wildcat
Italian Black Panthers
Italian Mystery Cat Hunt
Jaguars Swim Panama Canal
Japanese Wildcat Rediscovered
Jim Jung Dies
Kansas Cougar: First in 100+ Years!
Kansas Zoo Cougar Killed
Lake Placid’s Black Panther
Laughing At Ghosts In Maine Woods
“Lions In Iowa” Exhibit Opens
Lions On The Lamb?
London Leopards?
Long-Tailed Bobcats?
Louisiana Confirms Cougars With Photos
Louisiana Panther Hysteria: Fever Pitch
Maeher: Melanistic Bobcats in Florida
Maine Cougar Sighted
Maine’s Dog Killer cont.
Maine Mountain Lion Study Group
Maine’s Mysterious Black Panthers
Maine Mystery Beast Back?
Mammoth Cave Mystery Cat Sightings
Maned Lion Spotted in Colorado

Cryptomundo Articles:
Maned Mystery Lions in Georgia
Maned Lion Prowls West Virginia
Massachusetts Mt. Lion Mystery Mounts
Media Documents Return of Cougar
Melanistic Bobcat Caught
Michigan Cougar Conspiracy
Michigan DNR To Take Cougar Sightings Seriously
Michigan’s Mauling Mystery Cats
Midwestern Mystery Cats
Minnesota Dead Cougar Hard To Ignore
Minnesota Mystery Cat Captured
MonsterQuest: Mystery Cats
More Black Panther Denial
More Black Panthers Terrorizing Texas?
More Chicago Cougars
Mt. Lions In Michigan?
Multiple Sightings of U.Md. Cougar
Mystery Animal in Iredell County
Mystery Cat DNA: It’s A Wild Puma
Mystery Cat Investigator Dies
Mystery Cat Photo: Decatur, Illinois
Mystery Cat Sighting Near River Findhorn
Mystery Cat Video
Mystery of The Royal Lions
Mystery Photo, Killer Crocs & Cats + Circus Trains
Nashville And Bobbing Black Cats
NC Cougar: State Says “Highly Unlikely”
Neosho Black Panther: A Leopard
New Beast of Bexley Encounter
New Black Panther Video
New California Black Panther Report
New Civet Discoveries
New Eastern Virginia Puma Outbreak
New "Lion" Sighting in Tennessee
New Maine Mountain Lion Incidents
New Maine Mt. Lion Sighting
New Maine Mystery Cat Photo Details
New Maned Lion Report From Virginia
New Missouri Mt. Lion Photo
New Mystery Animal Photograph
New Mystery Cat Photo
New Mystery Cat Photos Questioned
New Mystery Panther Photo
New NY Panther Sighting
New NoCa Melanistic Panther Sightings
New Norfolk-Norwich Panther Encounters
New Ohio Mystery Cat
New Panther Sightings in NY
New VA Mystery Cat Photo
New Wild Cat Species in Ecuador?
New Zealand's Kaiwaka Lion
NJ Black Panther Photos
No Panthers in Mississippi
Not Black Panthers, But Fishers!
North Georgia’s “Lions”
NZ Black Panther Film
NZ Mystery Animal Photo
Ocelots and Jaguars Moving North
Officials Calling “Ghost Cat” Witnesses “Crackpots”
Onca, Mystery Cat of Brazil as Elusive as Ever
Palisades Panther Prowling
Panther Attacks in Arkansas!

Cryptomundo Articles:
Panther Photo: Oklahoma
Panther Photographed in NY
Panther Ponderings: A Roundup of Phantom Felids
Panther Researcher Dies In Plane Crash
Panthera atrox in the West
Patio Puma
Pennsylvania Lion Hunt
Pennsylvania Mountain Lions
Perry County: Mystery Cats and More
Photos of Wisconsin Mountain Lion
Plaquemines Panther Prowling
Pope & Lions
Prominent Pennsylvania Puma Seeker Dies
Pussy or Puma?
Rare Ocelot Sighting In Arizona
Rt. 66’s Kitty Cat, Not Panther
Salt & Pepper Aussie Panthers
Same Day, Same Place: Cow Attacks Cyclist & Lion Kills Dog
School Fears Black Panther Attacks
Search for Malabar Civet
Search For Puma Finds Jaguar
Shades of Xerxes: Mystery of The Royal Lions
Sighting Reported to Police: “They laughed at me.”
Snow Leopard in Kentucky?
Something’s Savaging Lee Straw’s Sheep
Sometimes An African Lion Is Only A Panthera leo
Spanish Black Panthers Terrorize Pigs
Spanish Search for Black Panther
Sunda Clouded Leopard Filmed For First Time in Sumatra
Tiger Sighted In Texas
Tigers In Mysterious America
Tijuana’s Mystery “African Lion”
Top Twelve Black Bobcat Hot Spots
Track of the Cat
Tsushima Cat
Twisted Tales of Mystery Cat Photo
University of Maryland Alert: Cougar on Campus
Unknown Animal Attacks NM Boy
Update: “Black Tiger” Found In Sri Lanka
Update: Photos of Wisconsin Mountain Lion
Varmint of Turkey Hollow
Vermont's 1st Lynx in 39 Years?
Welcome to Cougarmundo
Were Black Panthers Racist? Or Just News Reporters?
What Happens If You Kill A Mystery Cat?
What Is A Panther?
What Is This Mystery Cat?
What Pumas In Vegas, Stays In Vegas
Where Are The Black Florida Panther Photos?
White & Black Squirrels…and Ligers too
Wisconsin’s Big Cats
Wisconsin Cougar Confirmed
Wisconsin Cougar Sighting
Wisconsin Cougar Update
Wisconsin Mountain Lion Sighting
Wisconsin’s Mystery Cats: 2010
WV “African Lion” Updates
Yamapikarya – Part 1
Yamapikarya – Part 2