Bob Gimlin Rides Again

Mr. Bob Gimlin doing what he loves best, training  and riding horses.  I took this picture this morning at the ranch near Yakima, Washington while attending the “Yakima Bigfoot Round-up” celebrating Bob’s 78th birthday (edited – I was told later in the morning by one of the participants at the conference that Bob’s birthday is later in the year. ) It has been a distinct pleasure knowing Bob for the past 4 years and sharing a campfire with him.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I wish I was there stan, thanks for posting

    Jordan Warner

  2. bill green ct sasqua says:

    hey stan, tell bob gimlin i said happy birthday to him & have wonderful time the bigfoot round up. take plenty of photos of the event today & tommarrow. thanks bill green bristol,ct :)

  3. Becky Pascua says:

    I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Bob and his lovely wife Judy for over 25 years. Bob is without par in horse training and was "whispering" and utilizing "natural horsemanship" long before the words were ever invented and consequently over marketed.

    Riding with Bob is an experience every horse person should experience. He knows horses better than any person I have ever met and they seem to know and recognize his connection with them as well.

    One could spend every day of their life walking behind him and learning from his every move and word but still never achieve or even come close to achieving his level of understanding and communication with the horse.

    It is a God given talent that he has used countless times to rehabilitate the abused, straighten out the confused and make darn good using horses out of train wrecks, others had given up on.

    Give him a two year old with no issues and he will give you back a reliable life long partner who will be your trustworthy mount for life.

    Every moment I spend with him is a priviledge, a learning experience and just a blame old darn fun time.

    God Bless you Bob Gimlin. You are truly one of a kind and a gift to the horse world. Being able to call you and your wifes friends, is an honor I have always cherished.

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