Frozen in Time by Argosy Project

Long before the Internet or cable television, there were very few champions in the media seeking the truth about the world around us. Magazines like Saga, Argosy, and True were virtually the only sources available for anyone to learn about UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, or Bigfoot. I thought a lot of people would find this […]

Bigfoot and Rock Clacking by Argosy Project

If I’m wrong, then I’m sure someone will correct me, but I think I have recorded the first recording of Bigfoot clacking rocks together. When on September 3, 2006 I recorded a Bigfoot clacking rocks, I was startled. I had heard that Bigfoot will clack rocks, but I had never experienced it personally myself. In […]

No Big Bucks- No Bigfoot by Argosy Project

“Nothing happens, until something moves.” -Albert Einstein In one of the many memorable scenes in the movie, The Right Stuff, two of the test pilots who would later become Mercury Seven astronauts are in a bar conversing about joining NASA’s manned space program. Gordon Cooper plants the suggestion in Gus Grissom’s head that he could […]

Book Review: The Language of God by Argosy Project

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence For Belief By Francis S. Collins Published by Free Press, 2006 294 Pages $26 It’s only befitting that the head geneticist who led the international Human Genome Project to success, dare to follow-up his accomplishment with an almost as daring task to tackle. Basically, that a “rigorous […]

Supermarket Theory by Argosy Project

It was startling self-evident I was completely wrong about my immediate impression of the locale after my first Bigfoot encounter. I remember so distinctly standing on a country lane bordered by corn eight feet tall on that first day. It looked like the typical Midwest countryside. I asked myself: “Why are they (Bigfoot) here? As […]

Main Research Box by Argosy Project

When I first came to the general location of what I now call my Main Research Box back on September 2, 2002 I was greatly disappointed. The area was surrounded by farms and croplands, with patches of woodlots interspersed. The terrain looked rather mundane to me- rolling countryside at best. I had come on a […]

Child’s Play by Argosy Project

As an active field researcher I must be careful not to attribute human characteristics to Bigfoot. Yet I believe there should be some room for being imaginative in trying to gain some insight on how the Bigfoot behave. It’s like a bit of a juggling act being performed on a skinny tightrope- trying to be […]

A Matter of Trust by Argosy Project

When I started my research in 2004 my first local contact was with a fellow who had been doing intensive  investigations in an area close to my home.  We soon became good friends and he unselfishly shared not only his area but also his knowledge and experience.  Over the next two and half years we […]