Stan Courtney’s Sasquatch LIstening Project – 2 CD Set

Stan Courtney’s “The Sasquatch Listening Project” is a nine year recording project using remote audio recorders to continuously monitor sites with a history of sasquatch activity. These 2 cd’s (a total of 150 minutes) include all sound files of possible sasquatch recorded from 2005 to 2013.  Included  with this set are “Night Sounds” of various […]

Free Sound Editors

The following list is of free sound editors. I have not used many of them. Most programs have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Professionals typically use several different editors. Sound editing is a very important aspect of field recording. I typically record 24/7 which necessarily means that the sound files are very large. The newest […]

The Banger

One of the more commonly reported sounds is wood knocking. Now whether wood knocking also includes vocalizations, hand slapping or rock clacking is open to debate. Another type of knocking or banging heard in the woods is what sounds to be banging as if on metal. From the book Gorilla Behavior by Terry L Maple […]

The Sniffer

On the 30th of March 2011 I recorded something sniffing and checking out my recorder at my main research area. Now when I place out remote recorders they are usually an object of interest by the forest critters. Most of the time I assume it is raccoons, possums or even field mice. This audio was […]

Woman Screaming, Pt. 2

I received the following comment from Bobby concerning my last post Woman Screaming. Since my reply was a little bit long I thought I would make a second blog post. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Stan, With all due respect and in your case my respect for you is immense. I respectfully gotta call you out on this one. […]

Night Sounds, Pt 8 – Human

And finally probably the most difficult sounds to separate from possible bigfoot / sasquatch sounds are of course human. Obviously there is no need to post typical human sounds but in an upcoming series of posts I will provide some sound files that don’t seem to fit into the human category. My wife Vickie and […]

Guidelines for Sound Identification

One area of purported evidence for the existence of bigfoot / sasquatch is vocalizations. Many recordings of varying quality are available either on the internet or by retail sales. One problem with sound identification is that to my knowledge there are no publicly available videos showing a sasquatch making a vocalization. So for the sake […]

Night Sounds, Pt 7 – Cattle

Some researchers may think it strange that I would include cattle sounds as being mistaken for sasquatch.  Several times I have had witnesses contact me about recordings they have obtained that they wanted my opinion of the sounds. When I listened my answer was that it was a bull bellowing. Neither witness was familiar with […]

Night Sounds, Pt 6 – Wolves

Historically the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) was widespread throughout most of North America. Although government sources say wolves were eliminated from Illinois by 1860, newspaper articles show that wolves were still being killed in Illinois as late as 1930. With wolves having been reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in 1995 wild wolves are spreading out into different states.  Northern […]

Night Sounds, Pt 5 – Cougar

  (Photo courtesy Valerie Abbott) Cougar (Puma concolor), including black panthers, are fairly commonly seen in Illinois.  I am assuming black panthers are a melanistic color phase of the cougar. My purpose here is not to delve into the political aspects of these wonderful animals but provide information about possible misidentification of their vocalizations. There is […]