Cry Baby Sounds & Recording

I have written before about “Cry Baby” sounds that have been reported near bridges and woods. Please see Cry Baby Bridge. Recently friends of mine from Spirit Bluffs Paranormal tent camped in Siloam Springs State Park, located east of Quincy, Illinois. The following is their report and sound clips from their recordings.   We are a team of […]

Bigfoot-Ape Story

Submitted by Dave Tackett of  Bigfoot 1977 Illinois sighting with a Map   My Bigfoot Story – I saw a Bigfoot near Sterling Illinois This is a true story My story, it is probably one of the longest sightings ever, lasted for several hours. The year was 1977. There were three of us going […]

Dutch Henry Monster

R. D. Bedwell Here is the story I’ve heard since I was a kid. The series of events took place near Lewistown, Illinois, in October of 1968. I’ve researched this story and found only one press release in a local newspaper — the Fulton County Democrat, Wed., Oct 23, 1968. The story printed is very […]

The Stick Breakers

The following is a letter that I recently received.  This account is very compelling and shows how many witnesses feel about a situation that they have been thrust into. The writer welcomes any comments and suggestions and they will be posted with this letter.  -  Thanks,  Stan Courtney The Stick Breakers Dear Mr. Courtney, Below […]

The Elk Hunt Interrupted

By David Letendre During an expedition in the northern part of New Mexico myself, my son, Stan Courtney and M. took off from base camp to go find a footprint someone had discovered the previous day. The footprint was supposed to be under a ledge in the limestone dust where it was protected from the […]

Context and Barefoot Impressions

Submitted by Galahad In 2006 I attended the BFRO Cascade expedition. I had heard stories about this location. KJ and a few other investigators had found some barefoot impressions the previous year in late October just before the first snow. The impressions were considered, by some, not to be sasquatch because they did not meet […]

See How They Run

DB Donlon One of the main questions plaguing bigfoot researchers is the old perennial, “If bigfoot exists, why haven’t we caught one?” This is a serious question and it deserves serious consideration. Until recently, there weren’t many answers, either. At least, not available to the public. But privately researchers have been sharing information gathered over […]