Black Bears In Illinois

(Image by NPS Photos) Recently there has been talk about Black Bear in the state of Illinois.  I have heard for years that there are sightings of what is known as the “honey bear” in Southern Illinois.  Then a couple of years a bear was captured in Bureau County in Northern Illinois. Links to various […]

Stocking Stuffer

Grandma holding our new grandson Ethan, born on Thanksgiving Day, with  his stocking that my wife cross-stitched. Let us all remember the Savior born in a manger, and celebrated on this Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Sepi (1997-2009)

When our youngest son Eli, was 14 years old he begged to have a dog of his own.  We found this “fluffy” Welsh Pembroke Corgi at the local “no kill” shelter.  She was about 4 months old and we knew nothing about her other than she did not like little boys wearing ball caps.  Although […]

Belle Get’s Skunked

Back in May of 2006 Belle, my Karelian Bear Dog, had a brief but eventful encounter with a skunk. Having heard that tomato juice was a sure cure Belle got a much deserved but unappreciated tomato bath. I ran across this old video filmed by my son Eli and thought folks would get a kick […]

New squatcher in the family.

From my son’s website at comes this new entry – I’m going to be a dad We’ll actually am already, it just hasn’t been birthed yet.Katie and I are expecting our first child this November.  She is already 13 weeks along. This will be our first grandchild. Katie & Evan gave my wife a […]

Possible juvenile handprints

Recently while doing some Spring cleaning my wife came upon this artwork. My wife was in an art class back in 1979 and used our two sons as models.