Poll # 8 – Do you think that the names of known hoaxers should be posted publically?

[poll id=”12″] Hoaxing has always been a major problem in bigfoot / sasquatch research. Whether it wastes legitimate researchers time, floods databases with useless information or destroys relationships and reputations hoaxing has many negative aspects. In the field of sasquatch research where your reputation is your standing in the community hoaxing continues to be a […]

Poll and more polls

The reader response to posting of the first 7 polls has been overwhelming. Polls are a great way to “feel” the pulse of the bigfoot community.  I have several new blog posts on what I am seeing in people’s responses.  If you have not voted in all of the first 7 polls please take a […]

Poll # 7 What percentage of squatches are ever seen by a human?

[poll id=”11″] This is a another very difficult question to answer. It is something we will never know for sure but still interesting to think about. The amount of reports of questionable activity is very high compared to someone actually seeing a squatch. Please vote!

Poll # 6 What is your preferred name for the North American giant biped?

[poll id=”9″] There are dozens, if not hundreds, of names for Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  Most regions and Native American groups have their own name for this giant biped.  I could not include every local name is this poll but please vote for your favorite out of this listing.

Poll # 5 What percentage of people who have had a sighting actually report it to a bigfoot organization?

[poll id=”8″] I hear about many sightings and suspected bigfoot activity.  Many of these folks just want to get some feedback about their experiences.  They do not want to formally submit their reports. To submit a report seems to mean that the witness has come to some sort of grips with their own experience.  They […]

Poll # 4 How much time do you spend in the field squatchin?

[poll id=”7″] Knowing that everyone has obligations with work and family I thought it would still be interesting to see how much time researchers try to get out and look for evidence.

Poll # 3 What category do you think best describes Bigfoot?

[poll id=”6″] Writing by Minister_of_Information Pongid Bigfoot Pongid Bigfoot is the prevailing paradigm, that espoused by John Green, Rene Dahinden, Grover Krantz, and Jeff Meldrum. The characteristics of Pongid Bigfoot are: * Descendant of Gigantopithecus blacki, generally a more distant relation of mankind than chimpanzees and bonobos * Extremely rare, presumably endangered * Restricted in […]

Poll # 2 – How many sasquatches inhabit the United States and Canada?

There are just so many things we do not know about squatches. One interest I have always had is population studies. Whether birds or mammals I have always been amazed how living populations tend to stay stable. Please take the time to vote in this poll, I am very interesting in your opinions! [poll id=”5″]

Poll # 1 – How far do you live from sasquatches?

Just for fun I thought it would be interesting to see how far researchers think they live from these elusive nocturnal bipeds. Since bigfoot / sasquatches have been reported in 49 states and most Canadian provinces it is apparent that their distribution is much greater than once thought. So please vote! [poll id=”0004″]