Sasquatch Listening Project

The Sasquatch Listening Project is a 24/7 audio project gathering Sasquatch vocalizations using remotely placed recorders. This project has two goals. The first goal is to purchase additional Sony PCM-M10 digital audio recorders to allow me to increase the number of remote recording systems from the current level of four to an inventory of ten. […]

Portable Sound Recorder Overview Charts

With so many new digital recorders coming on the market it helps to be able to compare them. By going through the following links you will find comparisons as to specifications, features and prices. The following links were posted on a thread at Taperssection Forums. Click on each link below for a comparison chart of […]

Telinga Parabolic Microphone

My Telinga Parabolic Microphone, with Pro 7 handle and Dat stereo mic finally arrived from Sweden. I had previously tried out this system in Seattle in April at the Annual Nature recording Workshop presented by Parabolic microphones have been used for years when recording species specific. I have high hopes for this new microphone […]

Field Recording – Sound Editors

Sound editing is a very important aspect of field recording. I typically record 24/7 which necessarily means that the sound files are very large. The newest editions of sound editing software allows the user to review sound files both visually and audibly. After isolating sound clips they can then be filtered to eliminate extraneous noise. […]

Field Recorders – Pt 5

Last time we looked at a recorder that was listed at around $1300. The next step up is: Above $1875. In the highest price range is the Sound Devices 7 series. From their website I quote the following: 7-Series Family of Digital Audio Recorders The high-resolution 7-Series family of digital audio recorders shatter the size, […]

Field Recording – Microphones

Microphones have often been said to be half the equation when it comes to recording. Experts advise to spend an equal amount of money on the recorder and an equal amount on the microphone. A great recorder with a poor microphone is just as bad as a poor microphone with a great microphone. Common types […]

Field Recorders – Pt 4

This short series on recorders is not to compare units of $160 vs $5000, but instead is simply my recommendation within each price range. Last time we looked at a recorder that was listed under $450. The next step up is: Around $1300. In the high-priced range is the Marantz PMD 670/671. In an attempt […]

Field Recorders – Pt 3

My main technique for recording is to leave the recording gear in the woods overnight. The amount of quality sounds I have been able to obtain with this method has far outdone what I could gather if I were only recording when I was hiking. Overnight recording does require more recording space and larger batteries. […]

Field Recorders – Pt 2

New small digital recorders are coming onto the market all of the time. It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the new advances. Other than the quality of the sound, record time and battery life are of high importance in nature recording. This new recorder is very good on both of these aspects. […]

Field Recorders – Pt 1

Nature recording is a very difficult pursuit. Weather conditions are always a consideration. Then the ever present noise from trains-planes-automobiles always tends to happen just when something interesting is going on. And to that list add wind and water sounds. Our brains filter out those extra sounds when we are in the environment but on […]