Acoustic Attraction – Pt. 5

The final type of sound system is a standard car stereo amplifer  with two external outdoor type speakers. The speakers have two heavy duty magnets attached so that they can be placed on the hood of my Jeep. This type of sound system is very good for putting out extremely loud calls.  Best suited for the […]

Acoustic Attraction – Pt. 4

If you are in a remote site and not sure if sasquatch frequent the area a very effective technique is to use an electonic bullhorn or megaphone.  They are easy to use and lightweight. I was taught this method by John Andrews of Washington State. You can listen to my interview in the field with […]

Acoustic Attraction – Pt. 3

On the 23rd of May 2005 I was blessed to hear a full blown roar from about 200 yards. I was preparing to head to the creek with my dog in the evening. When I approached the fence which is about 125 feet from our house something near the creek let out a long, loud […]

Acoustic Attraction – Pt. 2

For sound amplification equipment I will review four general areas of  equipment getting larger and more expensive. I am not stating that any one category is more effective as I don’t think that louder is better. For this post we will start out with the lowly cell phone. It may sound silly but several years […]

Acoustic Attraction – Pt. 1

Recently I made a comment about how I disliked the term “sound blasting”. Reader Scott M submitted the following comment : All methods fall under the concept of Acoustic Attraction…by wood-knocking…by mechanical call…by vocal immitation…by electronic amplification. I’ll settle on “Amplified Acoustic Attraction.” I like “Sound Braodcasting” too.  Keep up the good work. I really like […]