Sasquatch vs Coyotes

The topic of coyotes interacting with sasquatch has been talked about for a long time. It has been noted that many times coyotes while howling will be joined by another large voice, many times the coyotes immediately stop their vocals. This recording of the Illinois Howl recorded in the spring of 2006 in Central Illinois […]

Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 1

I am interested in the types of locations that people have had sasquatch sightings. One of those locations  is rural cemeteries. Several years ago I was invited to give a talk on the subject of bigfoot at a meeting of the Springfield Ghost Society in Rochester, Illinois. My wife questioned me to as why I would […]

Why Is There No Body?

I talk to lots of people in the general public about the subject of bigfoot and the number one question I always get is: Why is there no body? I go through all the usual answers including: 1) they bury their dead 2) the remains are eaten immediately by scavengers or 3) they crawl into […]

What does it mean?

My family and I have lived along a small wooded creek in Central Illinois for almost twenty-two years. Until May of 2005 we had neither seen nor heard anything unusual. Wildlife that we have seen along and near the creek includes: beaver, bobcat, coyotes, deer, groundhogs, fox, mink, mountain lions, opossum, rabbits and raccoons. For […]

Sound Skeptics

On the 4th of February 2008 DB Donlon of Virginia (The Blogsquatcher) was a guest on Squatchdetective Radio. During the show DB shared some of his sound recordings. DB also discussed what he calls Sound Skeptics. I thought it was a very good statement and you can read it below and also listen to the […]

Man or Beast?

One question that continues to plague bigfoot researchers is “What is this animal, is it a man (albeit different or primitive) or is it just an ape?” Man has always had to cope with uncertain feelings when it comes to apes and monkeys. We can not gaze into the eyes of a chimp at the […]

Wilderness Paradox

One concept that I see being repeated over and over again is that if there is a large bi-pedal ape in North America it must live in only the most remote, secluded wilderness areas. Commonly areas pointed to as likely habitat are the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Northern California or if “back East”, only inaccessible […]

Vocal Mimicry

Vocal mimicry in bigfoot has been talked about among researchers. However it is difficult enough to recognize a bigfoot sound let alone a bigfoot imitating birds or other animals. Mimic is described by Wikipedia as: “….any species that has evolved to appear similar to another successful species in order to dupe predators into avoiding the […]

The Jennifer Syndrome

I have a friend at work by the name of Jennifer. Now when the topic of bigfoot research comes up in conversation she goes into a tirade usually along the lines of – Where’s the evidence? Where’s the body? Why hasn’t one been shot? If you mention to her that all of these questions have […]

Peeping “Uncle Hairy”

It seems strange that an animal that supposedly is as shy and reclusive as the sasquatch would have gained the reputation for being a “peeping tom”. The Free Dictionary defines a peeping tom as a person who stealthily peeks into windows. There are numerous reports of sasquatches either observing people or looking in windows at […]