Red Wolf Finally Captured

One afternoon in May of 1994 I received a call from a neighbor who was looking for people with ATV’s to help roundup a red wolf that had escaped from a local zoo. My son Evan and I took off on our 4-wheeler and went to our neighbors. The red wolf had been spotted close […]

Bill and Mongo

I recently received this photo titled “Bill and Mongo” from my cousin Bill Courtney of Washington State. Obviously he has been reading my blog and has heard about Mongo! Bill, his brothers and sister were raised in the Blue Mountains of Southeast Washington State. This part of Washington State is famous for sasquatch sightings and […]

International Cryptozoology Museum

My wife and I recently visited the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.  Loren Coleman, Curator and Owner, gave us a personally guided hour long tour of the many fascinating exhibits. Needless to say what impressed me the most is the 8 foot tall bigfoot replica. Makes you really stop and contemplate what we are […]

On The Road Again

My wife retired the end of May and now we are traveling in our motor home to different parts of the country. We have both been in all 50 states but now we have the ability to spend extended time in areas of interest. First trip, from Illinois to Maine with all states in-between. We […]

An Encounter At Krekel’s

Near the end of summer I stopped at Krekel’s Custard & Hamburgers, the local hamburger joint, near our home in Pawnee, Illinois. As I was waiting for my order an officer from the IDNR, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, came in and placed an order also. I briefly thought to myself whether I should […]

An Upside-down World

Belle, our 4 year old Karelian Bear Dog relaxing upside-down on the dashboard of our motor home on our way to a week of squatchin’ in gorgeous Colorado.

Greasy Hand Prints (Oklahoma / Montana)

This is a request for researchers with similar photographs to share their photos and information. The Alabama Bigfoot Research Forums has a thread entitled Greasy Hand Prints within which they show a series of photographs taken of unusual hand prints on a dumpster in SW Oklahoma. You can read all the details here. These photos […]

Bob Gimlin Rides Again

Mr. Bob Gimlin doing what he loves best, training  and riding horses.  I took this picture this morning at the ranch near Yakima, Washington while attending the “Yakima Bigfoot Round-up” celebrating Bob’s 78th birthday (edited – I was told later in the morning by one of the participants at the conference that Bob’s birthday is […]

Werewolves in Nevada?

On the 5th of March I was sitting in a truck stop in Caldwell, Idaho. I am not hesitant to talk about my interest in bigfoot / sasquatch research. It all depends on the situation. Some people couldn’t care less, and others are very interested. I don’t recall exactly how the subject came up but […]

Illinois Howl – California Postcard

News10 ABC Sacramento, California features a program called CALIFORNIA POSTCARD which “is a weekly look at the people, places and things across California that make it the unique state it is.” Recently they featured the Bigfoot Discovery Museum and interviewed Michael Rugg. The museum is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Central California in […]