Barclay Library – Presentation

I am going to be a guest speaker at the Barclay Public Library in Warrensburg, Illinois, Saturday, July 26th, 2014. ( near Decatur, Illinois ) “Bigfoot In Illinois” Saturday July 26th, 2014 10:30 AM Public Invited Barclay Public Library 220 E Main St. Warrensburg, IL 62573 (near Decatur)     [Click for larger image]

Illinois Episode – Finding Bigfoot

The long awaited Illinois episode of Finding Bigfoot will air this coming Sunday evening, 24th March 2013, 10 pm Eastern. Bigfoot the Friendly Ghost The team travels to Illinois to meet a man who claims to have recorded bigfoot howls in his backyard. Several witnesses share their sightings of these creatures in some unusual locations, including a graveyard.  […]

Black Panthers and Tawny Cougars in Illinois

(Photo courtesy Valerie Abbott) Illinois has three confirmed cougar kills in recent years: 15th July 2000: Male cougar killed by a train in Randolph County. Big Cat Comeback? 4th December 2004: Male cougar found by a bow hunter in New Boston (Mercer County). Mercer County Cougar The Mercer County Cougar 14th March 2008: Male cougar shot and killed in […]

Big Bad Wolf is a Wildman

With the opening of the new movie Red Riding Hood (2011), it got me to thinking whether there is any connection between the Big Bad Wolf and the old “hairy wildman” myths of Europe. Now I am not a folklorist nor am I knowledgeable about old European myths. I honestly only feel comfortable speaking about […]

Woman Screaming

There are two sounds that I hear people talk about repeatedly, proclaiming them to be the vocalizations of cougar or mountain lion. The first sound is what people describe as a woman screaming as if she were being killed. And the second sound is that of a baby crying, or the “cry baby” sound. So […]

Notable Quotes

The following Notable Quotes are all pertaining to the state of Illinois. _______________________________________________ Chris McCloud – Spokesman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources “The IDNR deals with animals native to Illinois, and Bigfoot is not one of them, he said.” _______________________________________________ Dr. Christopher Bader, Assistant Sociology Professor, Baylor University in Texas “For whatever reason, there’s […]

Piasa Bird Is A Wildman

I was raised on the West Coast and had only been “east” once before meeting my wife. In 1972 we flew east to meet my future in-laws who lived in the tiny village of Piasa, Illinois. A couple of days later they took me to see the famous painting along the Great River Road near […]

Footsteps In Montana

My brother Dale believes that he had a visit by a sasquatch while camping in July of 2004 in the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana. Here is a write-up that my brother did to document his experience in 2004: My wife and I decided to camp closer to home to save on fuel […]

Footprints in Stone – Pt. 2

Pieces of evidence sometimes are found at the most unexpected times.  Such was the case a year ago when we found “Footprints in Stone“ embedded in concrete in Springfield, Illinois. Chicagoland has never paid much attention to their little sister to the South and it appears they will not be outdone once again. In November after exploring […]

The Snorter

On the 8th of December 2010 I was getting ready to do some sound recording about an hour south of my home. It was 11 p.m. As I approached my car I heard this really strange sound coming from due north of my house towards a large hillside. At first I thought it was going […]