Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 1

I am interested in the types of locations that people have had sasquatch sightings. One of those locations  is rural cemeteries.

Several years ago I was invited to give a talk on the subject of bigfoot at a meeting of the Springfield Ghost Society in Rochester, Illinois. My wife questioned me to as why I would speak at the “ghost society” and what was the connection to bigfoot. My explanation was that there have been many reports that are either close to, or in cemeteries. Perhaps many people who go to cemeteries late at night, either as ghost researchers or as teenagers hear an unusual sound and see a shadowy upright figure in the distance. Maybe some of those “ghostly encounters” were actually a case of mistaken identity and was actually a sasquatch. By speaking to this local group I found them to be open minded, intensely interested and I even picked up several new sasquatch reports.

Several weeks later I received a phone call from the excited president of the ghost society. It seems that they had done an investigation at a remote rural cemetery and had played some of my sound recordings that I had shared with the group. In response to their first attempt at soundblasting they had gotten an immediate close-in return howl. Most of the members heard the howl and quickly became aware of the reality of the effectiveness of broadcasting sounds.

This old country cemetery is close to my home in Central Illinois and is one of over 221 rural cemeteries in my county alone.

A quick survey of the BFRO database reveals about two dozen reported sightings in or near cemeteries. To read those reports simple go to google.com

and in the google search bar type (or copy/paste)

site:www.bfro.net “cemetery”

So the question remains, “Why are people having sightings in or near cemeteries”?

My guess would be:

1.  Many cemeteries are in remote areas off the main road. Some of the rural cemeteries here in Central Illinois are far out in farmers fields and are only approachable during good weather on dirt or gravel roads.
2.  Most cemeteries are in fairly open areas near woods. Many of the cemeteries are in very picturesque locations, woods, streams and ponds. Being pictureque may not be important to the squatches but it does increase the human traffic.
3.  Cemeteries have human activty in the daytime by relatives and late night visits by “ghost hunters” and teenagers.
4. Cemeteries like campgrounds and golf courses are easily accessible to sasquatches. The sasquatch can easily approach while staying in cover. Whether the sasquatch is approaching to observe humans, give a little territorial call or just scare the humans cemeteries seem to be a good place to have a little fun.

I love old cemeteries. Other than reading the old inscriptions and honoring the dead they are also the perfect place to bird watch, do all night audio recordings, look at the many flowers and scrubbery in a park like setting. And last but not least perhaps hear an unusual sound and see a shadowy figure disappearing through the trees.

4 Responses to “Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 1”

  1. Ronald says:

    Ive seen alot of deer(primary food source)at cemeteries so it wouldnt surprise me !

  2. Pete Wilson says:

    Hi Stan,

    L.C. (AIBR member) and my Bigfoot research partner likes to dabble in ghost stuff as well. Last winter her and a friend were at an Emporia, KS cemetary doing EVP work and when the firend asked if there was anything they could do; about 5-10 seconds later, they recorded a VERY CLEAR womans voice that said "Pray for me please!" It was like she was standing next to you and you could detect a sense of urgency in the voice. I was amazed how clear it was. Of course the girl that had the recorder never heard a thing. I am curious how it would record these sounds, when clearly nobody else was around and I would vouch for them both as being honest and sincere. I don't understand it; obviously the audio would had to have been below human hearing, but it would be interesting to see what frequency it is at when played back from the recorder.

    Pete Wilson

    Kansas Bigfoot Investigations/AIBR

    Ottawa, KS

  3. John Winterbauer says:

    Hi Stan,

    I thought this was interesting when you and I discussed it last winter. After a survey of cemeteries around here I've noticed just how many fit all the "requirements" you listed. It will bring a whole new aspect to my ghost research!

    Another thing I've noticed is that the "sensed presence" feeling is often felt in areas where ghost and bigfoot activity is reported. I've even found this to be true when reading UFO reports. Not sure what, if anything, to make of it but it is an interesting thing to think about. It could suggest that all these things have some kind of relationship…maybe strictly defensive. Who knows.

  4. mary says:

    Hi Stan, I was doing some thinking on the finding of large branches that form pyramid type structures. Do you think that maybe Bigfoot use them to trap animals. By herding or luring them into the structures? Or maybe it is where female give birth to their young? Just some ideas I thought I would throw out there. Thanks Mary

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