Guest on Illinois Central.TV

Recently I was contacted to do a short interview with Illinois Central, a weekly half-hour program that airs every Saturday at 6:30p and 10:35p, and every Sunday at 10:35p on ABC Newschannel 20 and 15, Springfield and Champaign, Illinois.


Please click on link below to watch the video:

6 Responses to “Guest on Illinois Central.TV”

  1. Diann E Glenn says:

    Stan, my husband and I caught this piece of Illinois Central. Good work. Hubby finally got to see a face to the name Stan Courtney, which he hears as I follow your blog. Good interview!

    Diann E Glenn

  2. Joyce Eicher says:

    Great interview Stan, I always enjoy listening to you discuss the topic of Bigfoot in such an analytical and constructive manor. You put so much common sense into the subject. Super job. Thanks

  3. Duke0002 says:

    Very nice interview Stan. Glad to see Belle got a little face time!


  4. stancourtney says:

    Thanks Duke,

  5. jerry a powers says:

    Great interview , I enjoyed it !

  6. stancourtney says:

    Thanks, I think Illinois Central TV does a great job with all their featured interviews.

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