Poll # 1 – How far do you live from sasquatches?

Just for fun I thought it would be interesting to see how far researchers think they live from these elusive nocturnal bipeds. Since bigfoot / sasquatches have been reported in 49 states and most Canadian provinces it is apparent that their distribution is much greater than once thought.

So please vote!

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8 Responses to “Poll # 1 – How far do you live from sasquatches?”

  1. Tyler Langley says:

    I live between two Georgia Counties that have had sightings and/or evidence of BF. Pike County GA (Elkins Creek) to the south of me and White County in North GA. Most activity reports in GA come from this region.

  2. Joisey Gene says:

    I live in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. though I have had no personal experiences myself, I have read and heard of "Habituation" and sightings within the State as close as 30 miles. I would guess there are creatures even closer than that,given the geography, access to water and food. ie: berries, farming, deer, fish, etc..

  3. Stan Courtney » Poll and more polls says:

    […] Poll # 1 – How far do you live from sasquatches? […]

  4. Barney Bass says:

    From the age of 8 til I was 15, I had 5 class B's. They are within touching distance. All my encounters happened within 6 miles of my childhood home. Four happened outside my home in a small community of 1600 in S.E. Texas.

  5. Tim Day says:

    I am over here in Washington (IL) and am certian that bigfoot is over in Pekin I have done some research there myself…….I did have an upclose encounter in Wis. yrs ago and that is what started my quest…….Tim

  6. MNW says:

    Considering the closest BFRO report, the answer, for me, seems to be 21.2 miles. I am not a field researcher, but have done some desk research that causes me to have some suspicions about possible routes of movement, though. Regarding the whole issue of bigfoot, I find myself solidly on the fence, so much so that I have built a mental platform there, on which I expect to live, if nothing happens to push me off. I approach the subject from the perspectives of a writer and flaneur, so whether bigfoot is a biological animal or a psychosocial metaphor, I feel myself to be in a win-win position. I very much enjoy keeping up with field researchers' experiences, and especially yours, Mr. Courtney, since you are here in Illinois.

    Michael Nickels-Wisdom
    Spring Grove

  7. Michael Nickels-Wisdom says:

    On further research, it now appears that a non-BFRO witness report is located approximately 12 miles from my home.

  8. PaulLunsford says:

    I own a farm east of Freeman Spur Illinois and north of Chittyville Illinois. This area has experienced numerous encounters as indicated in BFRO reports for Williamson County Illinois. I live on 40 acres situated on the south end of 30 acre Madison Lake which is west of Herrin and North of Carterville IL .Additionally Im about 5 miles north of Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. During high school years spent many nights camped out at Devils Kitchen Lake and Little Grassy Lake. I enjoy traveling the fire trails of the Shawnee National Forest with fellow members of a Jeep Club. There are not many of the open forest trails that I have not explored. I also have property in Douglas County Colorado in an area call ThunderButte which butts up to the Pike National Forest. Our cabin was lost in the Haymen Fire. Prior to that our family spent our week summer vacations in the Rockies.

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