Poll # 6 What is your preferred name for the North American giant biped?

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of names for Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  Most regions and Native American groups have their own name for this giant biped.  I could not include every local name is this poll but please vote for your favorite out of this listing.

2 Responses to “Poll # 6 What is your preferred name for the North American giant biped?”

  1. Barney Bass says:

    Having taken your website poll on a name for the wildman, sasquatch, bigfoot, wooly booger, et. al., I want to change the appellation I chose. I would submit: "The Woodsman". This is an elegant choice for me, because it incorporates what I feel is a respectful name. First it implies a habitat, and then a type of being. Woodsmen would in the purest sense convey what I believe. I already know they have being. I doubt this will change anything, but it satisfies me. This appellation also has historical roots back to when our grandfathers in Europe had dealings with them. The name in Indian legends almost always translates as wild man, or man of the woods, or big brother, which all speak of kinship as versus relationship. You have personally seen how sentient the "woodsmen" are. There is no compelling reason to fly in the face of current naming conventions at this time. It's just the personal choice of one who repects their power, and their place.



  2. MNW says:

    I clicked your option "Sasquatch", but as a common name. But, as I've said in an earlier poll, if sasquatch is a biological animal, I think it's likely to be from the genus Paranthropus. In my mind and imagination, I have playfully given it the taxonomical name "Paranthropus successor". This seems appropriate to me because there is an early P. species called Paranthropus antecessor. I think a "successor" species designation would acknowledge the 1my developmental gap between the last Paranthropus (P. robustus) and our present time. And also, if sasquatch turns out to be a psychosocial metaphor, I still think this name (P. successor) makes a good, maybe mock-taxonomical, designation because it would be a reflection of human consciousness, so *we* would be the "successor".

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