Poll # 8 – Do you think that the names of known hoaxers should be posted publically?

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Hoaxing has always been a major problem in bigfoot / sasquatch research. Whether it wastes legitimate researchers time, floods databases with useless information or destroys relationships and reputations hoaxing has many negative aspects.

In the field of sasquatch research where your reputation is your standing in the community hoaxing continues to be a concern.

9 Responses to “Poll # 8 – Do you think that the names of known hoaxers should be posted publically?”

  1. Stacy Flowers says:

    ABSOLUTELY!! If nothing else, then at least for everyone else to know to stay clear of them and doubt everything they claim from then on.

  2. thetruthisoutthere says:


    Out them openly to the public. It's scandalous at best and should not be tolerated. Is it not just another way to outright lie about something?

  3. Tess Ballard says:

    I definitely believe the names of hoaxers should be posted for all to see. There are many organized groups who have been taken in and they know most of the hoaxers whom they should steer clear of, but there are far more individual researchers who don't run in these circles and are uninformed about these people.

    My husband and I were taken in by a hoaxer and our credibility as researchers was damaged. It cost us a lot of time and money before the hoax was exposed and I don't wish that kind of humiliation on anyone who truly believes in the existence and protection of these beings.

    Expose these hoaxers so that the people who are truly in need of help and support from the researchers will get what they need, and we will gather more evidence to get closer to showing the truth.

  4. M Cook says:

    Yes names of hoaxers should be posted and be limited to only the proven respectable personal in these organized groups only..( Keep it at the top )

    And Only if this ( Person) is proven by atleast 3 different independant groups should this person be really label as a for sure Hoaxer .. It be too easy for dishonset or people to use this to false label somebody they don't like or have some type of personal problem with that person, And want this person out of there little fun group.. And as about everybody on here knows we have our share of these type of people in some of these groups..

    I myself I suspect a person right now that some groups right now think this person is so wonderfull..And giving this person all kinds of praise… But I am not too sure on this person until I find out little more about this one person….. If it's who I think it is, I don't think that person can talk 5 minutes without lying 3 minutes out of the 5 minutes of talk…

    If this person who I think it is.. I will be proven right in time… But right now I have no proof yet… That's why I am not saying nothing yet…

    See that just how easy it is to false label somebody if you give everybody the power to label someone any way they want…

    Yes this is a good idea but we need to be very carefull going around label someone as a Hoaxer or them telling untrue events that happened that is 1 big great lye…

    False labeling someone could very well open you up to a personal law suite.. Even if you do win the law suite you still going to be out that huge sum of money in Lawyer fee's..

    Yes this is a good idea but it needs to be tightly controled … Don't give just anybody or 1 person the power to label someone falsely .. That be so unfair to someone that is really innocent and only lead to more infighting between groups and within groups..

    We all know a few hoaxers right now… Some still going along in these type of groups like they did nothing wrong..

    But I feel if someone is falsely labeled as a hoaxer and turn out they are not.. The damage done to there name would be very hard to overcome to other people in this field..

  5. bill bowen says:

    I'm not sure how to handle a hoaxer. The problem is finding who is really a hoaxer and who is telling the truth. Not everyone believes me. Because in the Sasquatch world some of the things I experience is sometimes unbelievable even a BF believer. To doubt is one thing but to go beyond is an area of hurting someone's creditability without sufficient sustenance.

  6. John says:

    If there is no doubt about the hoax I say yes out them…but a fine line could be crossed, you could have people with real experiences become hesitant of coming forward for fear of being made a fool of.I am an amateur Bigfoot hunter,I got interested after my on experience,that for several years i have kept to myself,for that exact reason, i don't know what it was but i sure know what it wasn't. so you have to be very very careful when dealing with the people who seem to only want to hinder the efforts of others who only seek the truth.

  7. Gloria Grimaldi says:

    In the first place, there are good men and women out there trying to prove that bigfoot is real. That my friends is a hard enough jop to do, is not a glorious non-paying job i'ts a back breaking job, and to hoaxers messing around out there, and trying to fool the bigfoot hunters is down right wrong. But there is a saying, "what comes around, goes around", So if I were them I would stop, because they will be confronted with the real bigfoot. or worse, something that we still don't know of. Because lately, other things have been seen that is not bigfoot, I have read this in the intenent, in unkown creatures.


  8. Gloria Grimaldi says:


  9. B says:

    Absolutely not! These people may be making proving the existence of unknown creatures difficult, but they’re human beings too, and they don’t deserve to have people tracking them down and making their lives hell. We don’t need to be like that.

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