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If you would like to submit an Illinois bigfoot/sasquatch sighting please click on the BFRO link below. When you fill in the information  please remember to type in my name “Stan Courtney” in the space for the “BFRO researcher” near the bottom of the form.

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  1. Al says:

    Tonight I was listening (and very quietly I might add) to the two "voices in the woods" audio clips.

    I am downstairs in the basement listening, and my wife, two sons, and dog are upstairs in the living room with the TV on.

    My wife calls down and asks what I am listening to. I reply, "bigfoot calls and voices". She then tells me to stop, as it is making the dog figety and whiny.

    Pretty interesing….

    Thanks and take care,

    Al (Seymour CT)

  2. B says:

    I know you started out in Oregon. I live in your former area and do a lot of hiking/camping. I don't have any real experiences myself- apart from the watched feeling and the ceasing of night animal noise- but a lot of folks I meet on the trail have stories to tell. Campsites being checked out, bad smells, noises. It seems like there is a lot of activity to be had in western Oregon still. It's very exciting. Anyhow, keep up the good work, and I'll send those folks to this website!

    B (Eugene, Or)

  3. Ed says:

    I need to relate a story to you. When I was in my late teens I had gone hunting with a friend in Adams county in Wisconsin. It was a hot afternoon and we were hunting squirrel. There was a train coming and I had to put my rifle down and go down a rather steep embankment in order to see it up close as it went by ( I also was bummed out cause I didn't realize at the time that I had to climb back up to the top because I had left my rifle up there). It was one of those long 300 car ones with coal and military looking flat cars. On one of those flat cars on the end I had noticed a large long hair stuffed ape on the end had about a few seconds worth of viewing and thought to myself at the time what a prank that must of been. Then I came across your web site two days ago and read about your encounter in Ill with a train. Could I have seen a Sasquatch ? Who knows ? I am approaching 50 now and wonder. Maybe or maybe not but wouldn't it be interesting if Sasquatch is some how bumming a ride now and then to move cross country or perhaps just to do some site seeing ?

  4. Scott says:

    I haven't seen one, but i heard one along the tracks by my house. I love trains, so occasionally I will walk back there if I'm bored at night to wait for one to rumble by.

    I was walking towards town one night when I heard this menacing growl. I stopped. It stopped. I thought I imagined it and started walking again. It growled louder and my hair stood on end. I slowly walked backwards back to the crossing. I jogged home.

    Months later, I saw an episode of finding bigfoot and learned that they are curious.. I got a buzz going for some bravery and walked back down there. This time I went away from town. I flashed my light on and off down the tracks, occasionally banging a rock on the rail. Eventually I saw two big yellow eyes far apart and high up about a 1/4-1/2 mile down the tracks. That was enough for me. I went back home.

    Here is where it happened. The two red dots along the tracks.


  5. white trash Peg says:

    Hi Stan,

    I really enjoyed your page – you've done a lot of footwork! My question isn't about a yeti but I was wondering if you knew of the existence of wolves in Marshall and Putnam (IL) counties? A few weeks after reading about the migration of wolves into the midwest, and thus seeing several photos of wolves – I saw what appeared to be a pack of 3 very large canines with the same coloring as what I saw in the wolf photos. They were huge, much much larger than a coyote and with a fuller muzzle and thicker, bushier hair. I would guess-timate they were over 100 lbs (probably well over) It was early spring near Magnolia, IL at about 10 AM in a farm field near the highway.

    I thought "I must be losing it!" since I was just prior to the sighting reading about wolves and big cats in IL, but I know it wasn't coyotes; and I definitely saw something that I had never seen in my 38 years of living around rural IL.

    Thanks, and keep up the interesting work!


  6. stancourtney says:

    I hear stories of wolves once in awhile but nothing specific. If they were in my area I certainly would have recorded their howls.

  7. leon w says:

    Hey Stan, haven't been to your site for a while, looks good. Hey, I don't know if you've heard it, but a couple days ago (tue, 19) a crazy audio was posted up on bigfootevidence,com. Supposedlly a film student was out collecting forrest sound bites when a couple squatches start screaming. It's pretty awsome. He thinks he has two, but i hear three and maybe even four. One of them deffinitely sounds female? Could you go over and listen to the audio and leave your comment. No reg neccessary. It's a bigfoot warzone there. But I really want your opinion on this one. Thanks Leon W.

  8. stancourtney says:

    If someone believes they have recorded a sasquatch they would typically contact a researcher not post anonymously on YouTube.

  9. bigred says:

    Hi stan I life in shiloh il I do lot of hunting in fayetteville il me an my dad be hunting there for 30 plus years . The last 5 years we had things that new to us . I just like to know if u got reports of bigfoot in that area .

  10. stancourtney says:

    I get lots of reports from both Madison and St.Clair Counties in Illinois. What have you been experiencing?

  11. bigred says:

    lots odd things I havnt seen a the whole thing just the back part of it. the frist time was foot steps about 20 yards away its to dark out to see what it was. there days I wish I grap the light but it was hard to do when u got shotgun in one hand an a 44mag in the other . one day I heard weird vocalizations . to describe the sound it sound like a chimpanzee going nuts.

  12. bigred says:

    I listen to the owl-like sound u got . did that sound different while u wore recording it? Just like to know . I heard a owl sound once when I was in the woods it sound like someone trying to make owl sound but hearing something about it sound fake.

  13. stancourtney says:

    The only way to analyze sounds is to get a decent recording and compare it to known animal or bird sounds.

  14. bigred says:

    ok have u heard a owl call at ground level? I heard one time an I think that was odd to hear owl on the ground in mid day like that.

  15. stancourtney says:

    I hear Barred Owls at all hours of the day and night, and many times they are very low in the trees.

  16. Rob says:

    I live in Lake County and near the Chain Of Lakes State Park, which has some semi dense forests. I have read the accounts of Northern Illinois sightings and noticed on Google Earth that many of them could be the same creature using the greenways that run between the sightings. We have had cougars doing this recently as well. The rivers seem to channel wildlife and then it explores the geenways that are connected to the rivers and waterways. I found a very interesting stick structure in the State Park during a routine walk for exersise. It was several trees leaned into a teepee type structure several broken off trunks leaning into the same point of a rooted tree, and one pushed into the rooted tree at the same height but pushed up from the roots, and somewhat large. I am trying to wrap my head around this whole rural bigfoot that might be using populated areas more and more.

  17. stancourtney says:


    This concept of suburban sasquatch is fairly new. But as more and more witnesses come forward and report their sightings we are realizing that the counties of Northeast Illinois have excellent habitat that these animals thrive in.

  18. Rolfe Jaremus says:

    Hi Stan,

    I am a BFRO member and am interested in conducted a small private expedition in the Marsailles area. Was wondering if you have some other information about hot spots, and also would like your advice on where to go. Thanks.

  19. stancourtney says:

    Any state park in Illinois more than likely has activity sometime during the year. Go to the IDNR website and pick from hundreds of great conservation areas. In northeastern Illinois any of the Forest Preserves, bicycles paths or abandoned rail-lines that are now hiking areas are perfect.

  20. Cabelo says:

    Hi Stan,
    I am a BFRO member too and i am interested in conducted a small private expedition in the Marsailles area. How i have to proceed? By the way, this is an interesting site.

  21. stancourtney says:


    You need to contact the main BFRO office. [email protected] or Phone (408) 634-BFRO [408-634-2376]

  22. John says:

    This doesn’t merit a report but I would like to know if you’ve heard of bigfoot in IL imitating birds. At 3:30 AM this morning, I twice heard what sounded not like a bobwhite, but a person imitating one – and very close to the house, too. I live in an area with several reported encounters but I have never had one, and really would rather not. Unnerving.

  23. stancourtney says:

    I’ve not heard of any Bobwhite mimicry but I think it is very possible. Please submit a report with the BFRO.

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