Sasquatch DNA and Its Illinois Connection

The long awaited scientific paper on sasquatch DNA was published today, 13 Feb 2013.

I am very excited that the blood sample that I obtained from Chatham, Illinois in September of 2011 was one of only three DNA samples nationwide in which a complete genome sequence was obtained. The blood sample came from a downspout that had been bitten into and ripped from a house in a subdivision.

The first link is to the main scientific article can be  found at:

DeNovo Scientific Journal (there is a fee involved).



This second link is to the project headquarters and contains detailed information as well as details on groups and individuals involved in this endeavor.

The Sasquatch Genome Project


8 Responses to “Sasquatch DNA and Its Illinois Connection”

  1. G. de La Hoya says:

    Congrats Stan! Looks like you finally hit the big time along with Melba-me-Ketchum-big-one. FYI, you misspelled “DeNovo”.

  2. stancourtney says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Stan

  3. DavidG says:

    Congratulations to you et alia (the Stan Courtney Research Group). I have not paid the fee (yet) to access and read the DeNovo journal. Not all of the links at the Sasquatch Genome Project web site are working, but I did find your entry at…. Also, great job collecting one of the best 3 samples for nuclear analysis.

  4. stancourtney says:

    Thanks David.

  5. Tim Elmer says:

    I remember seeing those pictures you had of the downspout. It looked to me like nails had been driven in – so if it was an animal, it would have needed pointy teeth, in my opinion. Could it have been a Dogman, instead of a Sasquatch? Can you offer any additional information?

    Here in Wisconsin, there have been many Dogmen sightings, and I have a friend who saw one on his way to Whitewater, WI. – near Delavan WI., in the 1980’s.

    There certainly have been many claims in 2013 about what solid evidence has been found – will a body finally be revealed?

  6. stancourtney says:

    The holes in the downspout are definitely pointy. As far as to other types of animals, I don't have any witness accounts.

  7. Duke0002 says:

    Thanks for the links, Stan. Glad “your blood” was useful! Lot’s of info to digest.


  8. Charles Bootjer says:

    My heartfelt thanks to you for your noble efforts to assist in the most amazing project of the century, The Sasquatch Genome Project.

    For hundreds of years, Native American peoples, along with many other eyewitnesses, have been ridiculed, harassed and scorned because of their personal or cultural belief in the reality of Sasquatch!

    I am very ashamed to admit that as a “Card Carrying Skeptic”, that over a period of many years, I had unmercifully ridiculed everyone I met that had opinions contrary to any of my views on this subject.

    Eventually, my curiosity was the cause of many years of research that followed, as I became much more knowledgeable about this subject.

    In searching the 42 linguistic groups of Native American languages, I stopped counting after 500 or so. Each of these linguisitic groups had numerous names for what we call Sasquatch, (which is actually not among those historic names). The name “Sasquatch” was coined by J.W. Burns, an American schoolteacher in British Columbia in the 1920’s, and is derived from “Sesqac” (c=ts) , which was a Chehalis word meaning “wild man”, (in the Chehalis dialect of Halkemeylem).

    It is sadly a time honored tradition of Mainstream Science to refuse to rarely ever believe the testimony of the many Indigenous Tribespeople worldwide regarding the fauna that are present in their environment.

    Well, in this case, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum has put that refusal firmly in the garbage heap along with the flat earth theory, after she submitted the three samples to the University of Texas DNA Laboratory for Next Generation Sequencing on the Illumina Platform by their experts.

    That successful effort resulted in sequencing three Nuclear Genomes that possessed consistent homology, although their DNA samples came from three individuals, from three areas, and submitted by three different researchers. This fact is very much more convincing than any proof that has ever previously been available. The Genomes that came from your Blood sample, a Saliva and a Flesh sample had DNA that was judged to be high quality, very pure, and totally uncontaminated.

    Now there is no sane person alive who can truthfully say that there is no scientific evidence available for proving the existence of Sasquatch.

    I believe that the Sasquatch Genome Project data has been been made available to none other than the esteemed Bryan Sykes, a Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford, who is collaborating with Dr. Michel Sartori, Directeur Musee de Zoologie, Switzerland, who are now in the process of collecting and studying cryptid DNA samples under the banner of the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project.

    I suspect their findings will surprise us all, and will definitely vindicate Dr. Ketchums work. Her efforts will go down in history for all time!

    Congratulations to you and to Dr. Melba Ketchum and her colleagues!

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