Stan Courtney’s Sasquatch LIstening Project – 2 CD Set

Stan Courtney’s “The Sasquatch Listening Project” is a nine year recording project using remote audio recorders to continuously monitor sites with a history of sasquatch activity.

These 2 cd’s (a total of 150 minutes) include all sound files of possible sasquatch recorded from 2005 to 2013.  Included  with this set are “Night Sounds” of various common birds and animals frequently mistaken for sasquatch.

A special thank you to Alex Evans for her amazing drawing of “The Call”.

The price for the 2 CD set is $25 + $5 s & h.  It can be ordered by going to PayPal and sending payment to [email protected]

While listening to the CD’s you can follow along and access the accompanying blogs for most of the sounds by clicking on the blog link,  which will take you to discussion, background information as well as spectrograms of the sound clips.

The index to the 2 CD’s is found here:  Sasquatch Listening Project – CD 1 & 2 – Notes

7 Responses to “Stan Courtney’s Sasquatch LIstening Project – 2 CD Set”

  1. Steve Gans says:

    Highly recommended for any serious sasquatch researcher/enthusiast. Turns off the lights, turn up the volume, sit and listen….

  2. Jim Stoddard says:

    I have a copy. A valuable tool for the researcher. However I did not turn out the lights and listen to it. Stan should be complimented for his years of serious audio research in Illinois and a across the nation.

  3. stancourtney says:

    Thanks Jim.

  4. gary grady says:

    Stan, you still around???

  5. stancourtney says:

    Yes, still actively engaged running six continuous recording projects.

  6. gary grady says:

    Thanks for the reply Stan. Nice that you are still kicking due to the fact it had been some time since your last post.

  7. stancourtney says:

    Most of my information is going on my public Facebook page at:

    Stan Courtney


    Illinois Bigfoot Researchers….

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