Sepi (1997-2009)

When our youngest son Eli, was 14 years old he begged to have a dog of his own.  We found this “fluffy” Welsh Pembroke Corgi at the local “no kill” shelter.  She was about 4 months old and we knew nothing about her other than she did not like little boys wearing ball caps.  Although she liked to “grumble” a lot at strangers she quickly became a part of our lives.

She was a happy dog most of her life and spent one whole morning last week in Colorado doing what she liked best, digging for moles (pictured above). Because of  renal failure we reluctantly agreed that she would have to be put to sleep. We buried her outside our bedroom window at our new home here in Central Illinois. She will be fondly remembered.

Click here to listen to a recording of Sepi barking in the house, while Belle goes outside to bark: Sepi & Belle barking

6 Responses to “Sepi (1997-2009)”

  1. Allan says:

    I'm sorry for the loss of your dog.

    -Allan, aka Kite-Squatch

  2. stancourtney says:

    Thanks Allan.

  3. Ronald says:

    Sorry to hear that..lived a long life though..I just lost my dog sam a year ago..he was twelve years old..he was a golden retriever and was the greatest smart and It was hard to bury him near the house..was weird cause I had an encounter with a sas 2 days before he died..i heard that if you see one it usually means bad luck or a warning of some sort..or it could have been a coincidence..

  4. Scott Albaugh says:

    Sorry to hear,

    we had to have our Border collie-German Shepard put to sleep a few years back. She was 12 years old. Kind of hard to let them go. Our Basset mix went around the house looking for her for about a week. We had her cremated and when I went to pick up her ashes they gave me back the blanket we took her to the vet in. The poor little fellow wouldn't leave the blanket alone so I had to put it away.


  5. C.J. says:

    That's a shame, she was such a sweet dog. Nikki will be heartbroken when I tell her.

  6. Patrick Blumenbeg says:

    I know it still weird for the entire family when y'all come over with Belle and there's no Sepi following. Even still….

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