Simple Gifts

One common occurrence from people who believe they are having visits from sasquatch is gifts. This concept is not something new as it has been reported by witnesses for quite some time. We have lived in our present home for three years now.  I do occasionally record unusual sounds coming from the woods that surround our property. We have had no sightings or found any unusual footprints. I do make note of things that just seem a little odd or strange.

On the 30th of November, 2011 I found this tail from a skunk on our front porch. At the time I assumed our dog had brought it up from the woods although she did not have any skunk smell on her.

[ Skunk’s tail left on our front porch 3oth November, 2011]

Last year when we started having activity around our home my wife’s first comment was “Do not feed, I do not want them coming up around the house.”

On the 7th of May 2012 my wife told me how unusual it was, there were four rocks, the size of a quarter, placed in our wooden platform bird feeder. Every morning after her morning walk she pours a pint of sunflower seeds into the feeder for the birds and squirrels. Then she also remembers several times finding rocks up by the door. Each time she thought it odd.

[One of several rocks that have started appearing in our wooden bird feeder.]

Now, I make no claims as to what is bringing dead animal parts or rocks and placing them on our porch. I have not seen nor heard the culprit, it just is one of those thing that make you shake your head and say “that is odd”.

For sounds that I have recorded coming from near my back yard please see:

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3 Responses to “Simple Gifts”

  1. Scott McMan says:

    Crows often use stones to smash seeds or nuts open.

    A cat could have easily left that tail on your porch. Also, why are you so sure your dog is going to smell of skunk?

    No, I'm not saying there isn't Bigfoot activity around your property, just trying to be logical.

    Occam's Razor…..

  2. mike phillips says:

    OK Occam, but who or what left those rocks on the bird feeder tray? There are several other examples of sasquatch (or something) leaving gifts or trade items along trails or at camp sites. We did the same thing when we were making initial contact with the American Indians.

  3. jas says:

    Sasquatches are known to leave gifts at habituating sites. I don't understand it myself…maybe them allowing us to know they are there and offering communication on some level?

    We live in a very rural place.

    No kids, no close neighbors, no one on our property unless we know about it….got a good dog you let's us know.

    We have had many years of experiences.

    They have left us rocks…46 and counting…happens 4-6 times a week…on our front porch..on the dogs bed.

    Believe it or not.


    Most people involved in BF research will never have these and many other experiences because of doubt and a know-it-all attitude. And I've been called a liar, mentally ill and delusional…lolol

    NO ONE knows it all…in fact, all combined, we all know very little.

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