Supermarket Theory by Argosy Project

It was startling self-evident I was completely wrong about my immediate impression of the locale after my first Bigfoot encounter. I remember so distinctly standing on a country lane bordered by corn eight feet tall on that first day. It looked like the typical Midwest countryside. I asked myself: “Why are they (Bigfoot) here?

As I studied the area more and more, it became obviously very clear why the Bigfoot were there- FOOD. I’ve had two other researchers visit the area with me. Both were deeply impressed by the overabundance of food sources readily available for the taking. Namely, the large variety of fish, fauna, wild flora, and the crops and fruit grown by man himself. This is the Midwest- the breadbasket for much of the world’s population.

I’m a creature of habit like everyone else. I usually shop at the same supermarket, and so I envisioned this location is pretty much like a supermarket to the Bigfoot who frequent the locale. If you know someone who shopped at a certain supermarket that was open 24/7- and you wanted to see that person- all you’d have to really do is stand by the front door and wait for them. They may go to the store only once a week, maybe twice a week, or even everyday, but eventually they will show up. That’s my supermarket theory.

I firmly don’t believe the Bigfoot family are in the area all the time. That my MRB is only an area they like to frequent. How often they frequent it, I don’t know. I do know they frequent the area all year-long.

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  1. tom daramus says:

    I live near the confluence of two major and ancient waterways- the Big Sioux River and the MIssouri river. I believe this to be a pas-thru area in the spring and fall. My 12 yr old daughter found big footprints (2 Easters ago) at Union County park, right behind a small hut/ shelter structure. A good visible heel impression on a partial, and 3 toes (of 5, judging by the offset) on the other.

    Food, we got it here. Corn and soybeans, cows and pigs-thats just the farm stuff. Nature also provides deer, small game, and wild grapes, currants, many excellent berries, and enough rarely-used bottom lands that could hide a bus.

    We're not experiencing the level of urban encroachment here that many areas are having, possibly making this an ideal place to be a reclusive creature.

    I have walked MANY miles in all seasons- I hunt artifacts and fossils, camp, and hunt antler sheds- much of this without being seen by another person. If I can do it, so can he.

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