Throat Singing and the Jew’s Harp

Squatchers are want to try different methods to attract squatches. On Saturday evening, the 11th of July 2009, a friend of mine, boogman (his username on the bigfoot forums) and his girlfriend Nikki accompanied me on a short hike through my “Main Research Box” here in Central Illinois.

Boogman is accomplished at throat singing as well as the Jew’s harp. Nikki also used her beautiful voice as an attempt to entice a squatch to make a visit.

Click here to listen to a recording of: Throat Singing and the Jew’s Harp.

Nothing unusual was seen. We did hear branch breaking, lots of movement and footfalls but perhaps it was just deer or raccoons.

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  1. Pearl Jo says:

    I agree and I too use the recoded sounds of this type of music . I have put up a page on my site ( this as well. It can be found under Basic Bigfoot Info , scroll down to Rock banging and to find the link ,it's right above Julia.

    Thanks Stan I am glad to see that others use this method as well. GREAT JOB! IMO

    Pearl Jo / OSAReal

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