Poll # 5 What percentage of people who have had a sighting actually report it to a bigfoot organization?

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I hear about many sightings and suspected bigfoot activity.  Many of these folks just want to get some feedback about their experiences.  They do not want to formally submit their reports. To submit a report seems to mean that the witness has come to some sort of grips with their own experience.  They no longer can brush it off as being nothing or an over active imagination.

But the importance of a published report also is that other readers are able to compare notes and perhaps be persuaded to post their own sighting.  Especially important is a report from a new county.  New county reports often bring other reports from the same area.

5 Responses to “Poll # 5 What percentage of people who have had a sighting actually report it to a bigfoot organization?”

  1. Tom Shirley says:

    Just wanted to let ya know I stopped by & gave ya my vote Stan. Great Poll ya have going!!

    Tom Shirley

  2. stancourtney says:

    Thanks Tom.

  3. Mark Cook says:

    I took all your polls Stan ..Some are very good questions Bigfoot name was good poll..

    But I honset don't think many people at all even report there encounters….

    We are in a very strange society right now I think..

    Its don't rock the boat,

    Don't complain about nothing ,

    But a very lot of people will look the other way and make no waves when it comes to anything that might endanger there standing as a citizen in the public eye…..

  4. stancourtney says:


    I am glad that you are finding the polls useful. I think they give us a real feeling of how this community feels about different ideas.


  5. Barney Bass says:

    < 5%

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