Who Is Watching My TV?

I am always amazed at how “close in” sasquatch appear to come to people, whether it is in campgrounds, vehicles or homes.

Summer 2006 – Mason County, Illinois

The summer of 2006 I was contacted by a witness who lived close to the Illinois River in Mason County, Illinois.  Her husband worked evenings and nothing unusual happened at her home until after her husband would arrive at home.

Clipart courtesy clker.com

They liked to watch TV in their bedroom before they retired for the evening. They started to hear movement and unusual sounds coming from outside their bedroom window.  This would happen periodically and went on for several months.

One evening they became aware of something outside their window again. So, the husband slipped out to the kitchen and on cue he flipped on the outside lights as his wife looked out the window. They saw the culprit, a very large seven foot bipedal animal quickly moving away from the house.

Their answer to the problem was to put aluminum foil completely over the window, preventing any light from being seen outside the window and also prevented any peeping Tom’s from looking in.  It was their opinion that the TV, which hung on the wall of the bedroom was an attractant.

October 2011 – Chatham, Illinois

I was contacted early Summer 2011 by a witness who felt that he was having occasional bigfoot activity. Odd smells, odd sounds and a frightened dog were part of the scenario. I started a recording project at his home and advised him that finding a good footprint would be the best evidence.

In October 2011 he contacted me again. He was very excited and related to me how he believed something was outside his living room window. He had Venetian blinds, the vertical type, and believed something was watching his TV. From where the witness was sitting in his living room he could not see out the window. The next morning he found a large (18 inch) footprint in his freshly worked flower bed outside his window. Please see – New Footprints Along Sugar Creek.

November  –  December 2011 – Central Illinois

I have lived in my present home since early 2009. Although I have heard lots of unusual vocals I had never heard anything up close until recently. However, that all began to change mid-November.

Please see the following posts for all the files:

Voices In The Woods – Pt. 1 

Voices In The Woods – Pt. 2 

Voices In The Woods – Pt. 3 

This past year we had a sliding glass door installed on our deck and had three windows replaced with much larger units. It opened up our view but also made our living room very visible to anything that is outside doing the nighttime. My wife now laughingly refers to our home as the “Tree House”.

The sounds that I think are the most remarkable are:

Soundclip # 1:  this sounds like someone laughing. Actually I wonder if something is mimicking me watching sitcoms on TV.

Soundclip # 2: another laughter, this time in the rain.

Soundclip # 3: this sounds like a muffled conversation. Again I am wondering if this is mimicking of what is on TV.

In all these cases we have something that is approaching a house and appears to be interested in what is going on in the living rooms while the families are watching TV. One family had  a sighting, one family found a footprint and the last family recorded sounds.

5 Responses to “Who Is Watching My TV?”

  1. Duke0002 says:

    Very interesting stuff, Stan. Glad you were able to pick up the laugh-type sound twice. Thanks much for posting!

    Best of luck in the new year!


  2. Mike Chartowich says:

    The laughter and voices are creepy. Mimicking is a possibility.

    Are those footsteps in the leaves in the third clip? I'm talking about the thrashing sounds.

    I love your sound recordings. More than anything they put you there with the wildlife.


  3. stancourtney says:

    The leaves rustling is my dog.

  4. Doug Davis says:

    The third sound clip sounds just like a news caster reading the news. Do you watch the news alot?

  5. Scott M in Iowa says:

    Hi Stan. I have a new, crazy idea about soundclip #3. I listened to it more than a hundred times I'm sure when you first posted it here a few weeks ago. It got to the point that I had the sound pattern memorized…even though I had no idea what it was.

    Well, here's the new idea. Over the last week here in Iowa, I was privileged to be able to participate in a couple of meetings with a large delegation of Chinese government and business officials. I sat through a luncheon, business presentation and reception. When Americans spoke, there would often be a female translator translating the English to Chinese. At several points during these translations to Chinese, I was reminded of your soundclip #3. A couple of times, it was almost chilling.

    I don't even know how it could be, but there you go. Soundclip #3 to me sounds like a female speaking Chinese.

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